We offer different types of assistance. Below you can see the options.

Personal Assistance

We are ready to help anyone in Curaçao, who feels their rights are being violated. When you get into contact with us, you will first speak with our front office, who can refer you to our back office for legal assistance or possibly to another organization through our extensive social map. With this social map we are able to find the correct organization for you. We mostly handle any case that requires legal assistance, for example infringements on Article 3 of the European Charter for Human Rights (ECHR) which states that every refugee has the right to recognition and that it is prohibited to deport the person to a country where the assurance of the person’s live is at stake. If a person finds themselves in detention in Curaçao as a crisis migrant, HRDC can come to your location with the consent form and registration form to take on your case.

Legal assistance

With our lawyers we are able to help with legal problems that come from the infringement of human rights. As an example, there is the article 3 rights from the European Charter for Human Rights, which doesn’t allow for the holding of a person without grounded reason.

Consent form

This is an information authorization form that clients sign to disclose information to HRDC. Authorization can be revoked at any time.

Registration form

The registration form asks our clients for general information, information on their current situation, what kind of help they need, if they need legal assistance, and any other case relevant information. We ask this information to help you to the best of our abilities.

Medical Insurance

For people in need we offer in cooperation with Citizens Insurance, health insurances.  For a video with an explanation click here! For the list of prices click here!

Contact Information

Contact our Helpdesk:



(+599 9) 788 0126


(+599 9) 567 6707 (Please include your name, date of birth, nationality, and a brief explanation of your case)

Por favor, llene este formulario para registrar su caso. Nos pondremos en contacto lo mas antes posible.

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