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Successful Training Session Empowers Government Organizations with Human Rights Principles

May 19, 2023

Ministerie van Bestuur, Planning en Dienstverlening

Date: March 17th

Department: Vergunningenloket

Contact person: Shumire Johannes- Ignancio

In a successful endeavor, the Ministerie van Bestuur, Planning en Dienstverlening recently recieved a highly informative and practical training session. This initiative aimed to strengthen the capacity of government organizations, focusing on the application of human rights principles. Led by Shumire Johannes- Ignancio, the session provided participants with essential skills and knowledge to enhance their daily work practices and foster inclusive client interactions.

A total of 19 individuals attended the training session, which was designed to deliver tangible results and encourage active participation. By combining theory with practical exercises, the participants were able to understand human rights principles and effectively apply them within their respective roles. Moreover, the training emphasized the significance of clear and empathetic communication in public service.

Through an engaging PowerPoint presentation, the training materials provided a comprehensive overview of human rights principles. Participants actively contributed to discussions and engaged in interactive activities, further solidifying their understanding. The session specifically addressed integrating human rights considerations into decision-making processes, equipping attendees with practical strategies for implementation.

One of the key highlights of the training session was the focus on effective communication skills. Participants delved into the nuances of active listening, concise messaging, and adapting communication styles to diverse audiences. By honing these skills, participants are now better equipped to provide inclusive services and engage with clients in a more empathetic manner.

The outcomes of the training session were extremely encouraging. Participants expressed increased confidence in their ability to apply human rights principles and demonstrated a heightened awareness of the importance of inclusivity in public service. The training session’s impact is expected to ripple across the Department of Publieke Zaken, enhancing its commitment to a rights-based approach and fostering positive change in service delivery.

The successful implementation of this training session underscores the commitment of the Ministerie van Bestuur, Planning en Dienstverlening to capacity building and human rights promotion within government organizations. By equipping participants with practical skills and knowledge, the training session aims to create a lasting impact on public service delivery.