PRESS RELEASE – Detained refugees revert to a hunger strike again

May 31, 2021

In the weekend of May 28, 6 refugees detained in barracks of Curaçao’s detention and correction center (SDKK) informed Human Rights Defense Curacao (HRDC) that they went on a hunger strike. They were driven to do so as they were faced with worsening inhumane conditions in the detention facilities.

Their detention circumstances have remained unchanged for years, despite many serious reprimands issued by international organizations as well as the Dutch government. The refugees have been on their hunger strike since Thursday afternoon as they protest against the arbitrariness in their treatment, the equally unreasonable and unfair duration of their detention, – some have been detained since September 2020 – a structural lack of information, and the excessive dust produced by construction and demolition work nearby, entering their living area, causing significant health issues.

Furthermore, they lack reasonable hygienic resources. They cannot avail of soap for washing clothes nor showering and authorities do not provide them with toothpaste. HRDC is deeply concerned with the information coming from the SDKK barracks and will continue to fight for the human rights of detainees.