Press release UN-Human Rights Day 2023

Dec 11, 2023


Human Rights Defense Curaçao (HRDC), a human rights organization established in December 2019, has consistently focused on the UN Human Rights Day, celebrated annually on December 10.

On and around this date, activities focused on human rights are taking place worldwide.

This year holds special significance as it marks the 75th anniversary, on December 10, of the acceptance by the United Nations of the foundational document widely known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This iconic and inspiring proclamation has been the source of fundamental human rights agreements.

HRDC celebrated its 4th anniversary on December 6, reflecting on its efforts over the past four years as an independent entity within civil society, working to establish a recognizable presence as a team of human rights advocates in Curaçao. Contacts have also been established nationally and internationally, fostering partnerships.

The theme for Human Rights Day 2023 is: “Freedom, Equality, and Justice for All.”

This aligns with HRDC’s mission and goals: Freedom and Equality, and rights for everyone. This includes addressing and finding solutions for deep-rooted forms of discrimination against the ‘other’ based on nationality, origin, religion, as well as discrimination against people with disabilities and due to sexual orientation.

There is still an imbalance in immigration policies and outdated legislation, that are harmful not only to the target groups but also to the economic development of Curaçao.

HRDC emphasizes the need to address inhumane situations and unjust imprisonment, even of children, through legal means. A shared concern with individuals in the education sector is that children of migrant parents, even with permanent residency, cannot be assured of insurance.

On Human Rights Day, HRDC once again draws attention to the thousands of workers on Curaçao without legal residence and work permits. HRDC remains committed to ensuring responsible integration for bona fide migrants willing to contribute positively to society.

HRDC also places greater emphasis on the connection between human rights and democracy. Over the past three years, well-attended lectures by eminent speakers have been organized on Democracy Day.

To promote knowledge, empowerment, and participation, human rights education began last year at the community level for teachers and government officials. On Children’s Rights Day on November 20, a training session was conducted in collaboration with neighborhood organizations Unidat di Bario and Sefba, and the Antillean Youth Federation (FAJ) for volunteers from 12 neighborhoods.

HRDC’s objective is for all residents of Curaçao to be informed about fundamental rights, including political and civil rights, as well as social, economic, and cultural rights. In preparation for anchoring and expanding this education, HRDC is working on the development of a School for Democracy and Human Rights.

In summary, on the occasion of Human Rights Day, HRDC reflects with satisfaction on the past years and looks forward with confidence to the expansion of its human rights activities.